Thursday, October 25, 2007

the rain

I think the rainy season sucks a little. The wind's ok though. Cool and breezy and, yah. But it's the rain. True that SKA's banana trees and papaya trees and coconut trees and chiku plants and chilli plants and curry plants and lemon plants and herbs and bamboo shoots are growing well, (in fact the banana is producing bananas! Cheers! Celebrations!) but don't you just hate it when you are about to leave home for a well-planned outing and suddenly the heaven just decides to urine because it had a little too much to drink? Or when you are outside enjoying yourself and then it rains so heavily that you can't travel anywhere else and get forced to hentak-kaki/berhenti? Or even worse when you are walking along XXX road and then it starts raining immediately and you get drenched and translucent and grass and sand stick to your feet and your favourite shirt gets dirtied and your hair messed (or if your like me, going bald, then you won't have to worry. it's still so hard to buy propecia) and your pants feel like it's dropping and you are worried that you might slip if you ran and there's no bloody shelter and people carrying umbrellas are laughing at you?But hey, i'm talking about rain here, not drizzle.

You can do whatever the hell you want in a drizzle yah.However, let's try to look on the other side of a cats-and-dogs-styled rain.1. You get to sleep more comfortably throughout like as though those King Coil advertisements were true about their cock and bull story.2. You get to get closer with your family members, drinking hot tea/coffee/whatever and having a light meal together while watching cartoons. Rather hard to come by yeah?3. You get an excuse to skip lessons/classes or any other events you have no interest in attending.4. I can't think of anything else now.So after all the discussions with no one, I believe you have a clearer idea of what a rainy day is all about.No?It means Earth's atmosphere is a screwed little brat with temperamental attitude. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes neutral.Hope I have been of help to those who are wondering what am I talking about.I Just finished a book called 'why men dont listen and women cant read maps' by Babara and Allan Pease. listen to this.. 'it's obvious that women are smarter than men. Think about it- diamonds are a girl's best friend; man's best friend is a dog'.

on a diet!

I'm on a diet pple, so no tempting alrite! hehhee...dunno how long i can sustain on just sandwiches and lemonade.Time passed reali fast tday, but my head is still spinning.. perhaps its becos of the crowd. 1st day of sales..baleno, Snk, ebase. Soon, i'll get to see pple wearing them EVERYWHERE! wow.. New stocks came in tday also. Theres this white lacy top i had my eyes on. shweet!!After work, both colleague's bf waiting for them knock off. i was like erh.. wheres mine?hahhaha..Saw this furry thing with its four limbs froze in an awkward position..upwards! Freaked out too cos i dun dare to see its expression plus it was giving off a really bad smell. Turned out to be a dead cat. eekkss.. probly got ran over by some vehicle on the road and some kind soul lay it by the tree. =(Me and jeremy officially promoted le! paid an extra dollar only lah.. no big deal. hehehe... He's super bia loh. 50 hours per wk! And need to shout 'lelong' somemore. Respect!! ha.. Gotta convince him to stop learning bike cos i cant! I need to start promoting our business a bit more with promotional items like t-shirts and rulers or something.

I still can't stop thinking about nick. I wonder if anyone has ever though about this with me? Like if they notice my lips or my hair or my earrings or something. Im a fool. Or if he sometimes tries to pick up the phone and call me, but pussies out, then just lies in his bed and reads my text messages and thinks about me. I'm an idiot.

You make me feel like thunder.

Can somebody please read this?! My friend gave me this poem, she supposedly wrote it herself, i highly doubt it, i love her, but shes a dumbass with no depth so i was quite suprised when she did this. But this poem is exactly how i feel about nick.

Sometimes love just ain't enough. I don't wanna lose you,But I don't wanna use you. Just to have sombody by my side.And I don't wanna hate you, I don't wanna take you, But I don't wanna be the one to cry.And I don't really matter you anyone, anymore. But like a fool I keep losing my place and I keep seeing you walk through that door.But there's a danger in loving somebody too muchAnd it's sad when you know it's your heart you can't trust.There's a reason why people don't stay where they areBaby sometimes love just ain't enough.Now I could never change youI don't wanna blame youBaby you don't have to take the fall.Yes I may have hurt youBut I did not desert you. Maybe I just want to have it all.It makes a sound like thunderIt makes me feel like rain.And like a fool who will never see the truthI keep thinking something's gonna change.But there's a danger in loving somebody too muchAnd it's sad when you know it's your heart you can't trust.There's a reason why people don't stay where they areBaby sometimes love just ain't enough.And there's no way home

When it's late at night and you're all alone. Are there things that you wanted to say? Do you feel me beside you in your bed? There beside you where I used to lay. And there's a Danger in Loving somebody too muchAnd it's sad when you know it's your heart they can't touch.T here's a reason why people don't stay who they are, Baby sometimes love just ain't enough, Baby sometimes love just ain't enough.

I really cannot deal with this. I am having problems with my relationships. It's so hard to deal with people and relationships.